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Maxam Nutraceutics, 100% natural, organic, vegan ingredient sourcesOur research has found that a successful program for optimal health would include the reinstatement of the original, organic, non-GMO, chemical-free, living food diet and exercise combined with our patented SMART technology: Selective Micro Activated Response Technology. SMART is the name we have given to our unique readministration of the ionically charged, biologically active nano nutrient and protein fractions naturally produced by healthy gut and vaginal flora. Delivery is a simple spray of micro, nano, pico, and femto particle fractions for quick absorption into the system. Basically, micro selective postbiotics.

All of our Maxam Products are developed using only 100% natural, organic, vegan ingredient sources. They are like no other products in the world. With other products you think macro, in milligrams and grams. With our products you think micro, nano, pico, and femto. Extremely small, ionically charged nutrients that know exactly what to do. After all, they have been doing it for billions of years.

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Product Specials

Maxam's PHP is Paleolithic Human Probiotics comprised of natural, primal strains of beneficial bacteria.
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Maxam's Oxytocin is an easy -to-use Endogenous oxytocin in the convenient form of a spray bottle.
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